Selecting the Most Appropriate Product

This is a question we are asked a lot. - "How do I determine the most appropriate product for my application".

Firstly, here are a few key points to begin covering the entire range:

#1 All out pads work when plugged in to a PC, Laptop or other Windows-Based Computer. There is one slight exception, and that is our Bluetooth device which works when connected via Bluetooth to a Windows PC;

#2 Our pads do not work stand-alone. They do not have internal memory where signatures or data are stored. They work as a connected computer peripheral device (similar to a keyboard or mouse);

#3 Our pads come in two major connection types: HID USB (USB connector) and Serial (RS232 connector). 

#4 Some of our larger units have both interfaces on-board (they are supplied as standard with a USB connection, you have to add a serial cable set to the order to use them in serial mode);

#5 If you are using an application served to the desktop via Citrix or Windows Terminal Services then you would typically use a serial device, but this i discussed in detail at the following link 

#6 All our products come with SigPlus software enabling the capture of signatures and data. They can also be used with our free plug-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF files;

#7 We also supply (for use with all out pads) free SDK's (Software Development Toolkits) to allow you to integrate the pads with your own applications;

Hardware Choices

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Author: Business Support