Simple Troubleshooting

There are no user-serviceable parts in our signature pads. Replacement pens, pen-batteries (where appropriate), and ink or nylon nibs are available if required.

Straightforward troubleshooting of pads can be accomplished with a series of tests. The first of these aims to exclude any software or application development that your solution may be using. 


This small application is installed automatically when you install the driver software for your pad. At the time of installation you can choose whether or not to place a shortcut to this application on your desktop. If you have, then you can use this to test if the pad is working. If you have not created a shortcut, then demoocx.exe can be found in a subdirectory called "sigplus" which is usually placed in the "windows" directory on your hard drive. Alternatively you can locate the program with the Windows search facility.

On running the application, you are then offered the chance to "start" the test, and on writing on the pad surface you should immediately see the image appearing on the demoocx.exe drawing area.

If you see nothing, then there are several causes:

  • Driver software Installation performed incorrectly
  • Pad is not connected to the PC properly
  • New batteries for pen are required
  • Faulty Pad - cable damage
  • Faulty-Pad - unknown issue
  • Faulty Pen

You can contact us at any time via to discuss a faulty pad. We are there to help you.
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Author: Customer Care