Remote Usage Models

IDSL offers several options for Remote Desktop, Citrix, and VDI environments. We provide software tools and support for all the leading third-party environments.


For customers who are looking for a signature pad compatible with remote environments, see the options below.


Our Serial and BSB signature pads are Citrix Ready and have worked with remote environments for many years; with thousands of signature pads running Citrix, We has the greatest support for Citrix by a wide margin. This margin is increasing daily

Recommended - BSB and BBSB Pad Options

BSB Pad Software

BSBĀ® (Virtual Serial via USB) is the most universal interface for the environments listed above. See the Pads below that offer -BSB and -BBSB models. These pad models are specifically designed for use in Remote Desktop, Citrix, and VDI environments.

Model: T-LBK460-BSB-R

Model: T-LBK766SE-BBSB-R

Model: T-LBK766-BBSB-R

Model: T-LBK462-BSB-R


Model: T-LBK755SE-BBSB-R

Model: T-LBK755-BBSB-R

Model: T-LBK43LC-BSB-R

Other Serial or Wireless Options

Software Options

IDSL recommends the BSB and BBSB pad option above for use in a remote environment. However, if you wish to connect via serial port or wirelessly, the following pads are also viable options.

Model: T-L460-B-R

Model: T-LBK460-B-R

Model: T-S261-PLB-R

Model: T-LBK460-BT2-R

Model: T-LBK462-KAB-R

Model: T-L462-B-R

Model: T-LBK462-B-R

Model: T-S751-B-R

Model: T-S460-B-R

Model: T-S460-BT2-R

Model: T-S261-K-R

Model: T-C912-B-R

Model: T-C916-B-R

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