Electronic Signature Pad Accessories

IDSL provide all your signature tablet supplies - batteries, spare pens, nibs, cable extensions. In addition, there are a few specific accessories to enhance the range of signature tablets including carry-pouches and overlays.

  1. 5 Plastic / 5 Ink Tips

    Code: A-PT01-4-R

    Replacement pen nibs designed to fit signature capture pens for our SignatureGem and ClipGem and KioskGem models. 

    Pack of 10 (5 Inked 5 nylon).

    £34.99 (Ex VAT)

  2. 10 Plastic Tips

    Code: A-PT01-5-R

    Replacement nylon pen-tips designed to fit our SignatureGem pens.

    Pack of 10.

    £29.99 (Ex VAT)

  3. Pen for SigLite

    Code: P-TS01-B-R

    The P-TS01-B is intended and optimized for use with SigLite® pads.

    The pen is battery-less, with a loop connector, curly tether, and non-removable pen tip.

    £34.99 (Ex VAT)

  4. Y-Cable Set

    Code: A-CSA4-3-R

    The Y-Cable set allows users to connect our serial LCD devices to a spare USB or PS/2 to draw extra power when the PC serial connection output is too small.

    Note: the serial unit still has to be connected to the serial connector on the PC for data communications.

    Serial Detachable Cable

    £29.99 (Ex VAT)

  5. T-S751 4x5 Overlay (pack of 3)

    Code: A-OL45-3-R

    The A-OL45-3 overlay is designed to protect your SignatureGem 4x5® signature pads.

    £29.99 (Ex VAT)

  6. Batteries for all pen types

    Code: A-BT01-2-R

    Pen batteries for all battery-powered pens.

    Batteries are supplied in pairs. User-installation is straightforward.

    £1.44 (Ex VAT)

  7. E-Tether Pen for 1x5 LCD models

    Code: P-ET110-HSN-R

    E-Tether pen calibrated for 1x5 sized LCD units

    £49.99 (Ex VAT)

  8. Overlays for SigLite 4x3 LCD Models

    Code: A-OL43-3-R

    The A-OL43-3 overlay is designed to protect your SigLite® Backlit LCD 4x3 signature pads.

    Pack of 3

    £27.50 (Ex VAT)

  9. Overlay for SigLite Colour LCD Unit

    Code: A-OL43-2-R

    The A-OL43-2 slide-in screen overlay is designed to protect your SigLite® Colour LCD signature pads. Pack of 3

    £27.50 (Ex VAT)

  10. Tilt Stand for LCD Pads

    Code: A-TSL1-1-R

    Our tilt stand (model number A-TSL1-1-R) is designed to hold our LCD signature pads.

    For your convenience and desired security, the stand can be mounted on either the counter or the wall.

    With the tilt stand's 360 degree rotation and up-to-45 degree tilt, your signature pad can be easily positioned during the signing process.

    £129.99 (Ex VAT)