Small LCD Electronic Signature Pads

All our products are designed for accuracy, reliability, and portability. The smallest LCD signature pads size - 1" x 5" (25 x 125mm) provides a broad screen to display information and capture signatures whilst maintaining a small footprint and portable style.

Connection options include HID USB; Serial, Virtual Serial, and Bluetooth.

The 1x5 models are available with a touch-sensitive SigLite sensor and stylus in place of the electromagnetic SignatureGem pen and digitizing surface.

Most models support interactive applications, allowing data to be displayed on the LCD as well as capturing signatures.

  1. SigLite LCD 1x5 HID USB

    Code: T-L460-HSB-R

    Low-Cost LCD Electronic Signature Pad with HID USB connection.

    Featuring an LCD touch-pad and stylus, these models display the signature (and other data*) on the signature pad screen, as well as the computer monitor.


    HID-USB LCD Screen MS-Word Plug-In MS-Excel Plug-In Pressure Sensitive Adobe Acrobat Plug-In Free Software Included Free Technical Support 2-Year Warranty

    £229.99 (Ex VAT)