Kiosk Electronic Signature Pads

KioskGems are a ruggedized electronic signature pad for use in public-access or unsupervised kiosk environments. The signature tablet bolts to a housing with no exposed fasteners and the pen is tethered with a steel cable rated at 470lbs.


KioskGem Backlit LCD 1x5 HID USB

Code: T-LBK462-KAHSB-R

£429.99 (Ex VAT)

KioskGem Backlit LCD 1x5 Serial

Code: T-LBK462-KAB-R

£419.99 (Ex VAT)

KioskGem 1x5 HID USB

Code: T-S261-KHSB-R

£289.99 (Ex VAT)

KioskGem 1x5 Serial

Code: T-S261-KS2-R

£269.99 (Ex VAT)