Standard Electronic Signature pads

SignatureGems are designed for accuracy, reliability, and portability, the models feature pens with interchangeable inking and plastic tips, small size and weight, and are powered only by your computer's serial or USB port. Unlike pressure-sensitive touchpad systems, the digitizing pen allows the sensor to be mounted inside a hard plastic casing for ruggedness and long life

SignatureGem 1x5 HID USB

Code: T-S261-HSB-R

£239.99 (Ex VAT)

SignatureGem 1x5 Serial

Code: T-S261-PLB-R

£219.99 (Ex VAT)

SignatureGem 4x5 HID USB

Code: T-S751-HSB-R

£259.99 (Ex VAT)

SignatureGem 4x5 Serial

Code: T-S751-B-R

£239.99 (Ex VAT)

SigLite 1x5 HID USB

Code: T-S460-HSB-R

£119.99 (Ex VAT)

SigLite 1x5 Serial

Code: T-S460-B-R

£119.99 (Ex VAT)


Code: T-S461-HSB-R

£139.99 (Ex VAT)


Code: T-C912-HSB-R

£399.99 (Ex VAT)

ClipGem Serial

Code: T-C912-B-R

£379.99 (Ex VAT)

ClipGem Legal HID USB

Code: T-C916-HSB-R

£459.99 (Ex VAT)