Ethernet adapter

Ethernet adapter

The Ethernet Adapter (model number A-ETH1-1) is only for use with 9-PIN serial signature pads (ending in "-B-R" or ending in "-BHSB-R" when used in Serial mode).

This accessory allows for plug-in to a local network through a standard ethernet connection.

Product# A-ETH1-1-R

£209.99 + VAT

The Ethernet adaptor enables the connection of a serial signature device directly into an Ethernet network where it will operate with a unique IP address. This makes sharing devices between many PC's or siting a signature pad some distance from a PC a convenient option.

Product Weight


Product Dimensions

83x 43x 25mm

We supply free software and tools to enable the successful adoption of our signature pads into your business.

Our free e-signature software supplied with every unit includes plug-ins for common office applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat), and free software development toolkits for developed-integration into your own applications.



In addition, we also offer many worked examples of technologies and applications, and developer and end-user "how-to" guides. Developers have found these invaluable in experiencing working solutions rather than theoretical code. We provide code samples, and snippets that can be used in your own applications.


We have some ready-to-use components to make life easier for application developers. These include an Active-X control to manage signature capture, and a "SigCompare" utility that allows you to compare signatures captured with our technology "live", seeing the manner and style of the created signature in addition to the flat image.



We have a free technical support service at both end-user and development levels, and will be happy to assist any user or developer with successfully developing with, implementing and using our technologies.


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