Electronic Signature Pad Accessories

IDSL provide all your signature tablet supplies - batteries, spare pens, nibs, cable extensions. In addition, there are a few specific accessories to enhance the range of signature tablets including carry-pouches and overlays.

Ethernet adapter

Ethernet adapter

Code: A-ETH1-1-R

£209.99 (Ex VAT)

SigLite 1x5 Overlays (triple pack)

Code: A-OLSL-3-R

£29.99 (Ex VAT)

Pen for KioskGem (non-removable tip)

Code: P-T110-T1-R

£64.99 (Ex VAT)

Pen for KioskGem (removable tip)

Code: P-T110-S1-R

£64.99 (Ex VAT)

Pen for SigGem 1x5

Code: P-T111-B-R

£49.99 (Ex VAT)

Pen for SigGem 4x5

Code: P-T112-B-R

£49.99 (Ex VAT)

Pen for ClipGem

Code: P-T113-B-R

£49.99 (Ex VAT)

Pen for SigGem LCD Products

Code: P-T110-L1-R

£49.99 (Ex VAT)

E-Tether Pen for Mid and Large LCD Units

Code: P-ET110-HN-R

£49.99 (Ex VAT)

10 Ink Tips

Code: A-PT01-6-R

£49.99 (Ex VAT)